Suunto makes diving simpler in PortugalFounded an Chance to contact endangered floraSuunto - Diving enthusiasts know what I'm talking about: hardly the summer time (and when temperatures aren't as hot), there's an irresistible urge to fit with prestigious branded items such as Suunto , and (re) discover the maritime paintings which are hidden in th… Read More

Frenchman Paul-Henry Nargeolet was A part of the primary expedition to retrieve Titanic objects in 1987, and has because descended to the wreck about 30 instances with out at any time shedding his inspiration for this magical experience.This previous member in the French Institute of Marine Exploration and at the moment head of submarine exploratio… Read More

After conducting you can wear diving vest and go to the water?Were you aware it's not a good idea to practice extreme physical activity before or after wearing a diving vest and to venture into this water sport? But if so, how can handle to reconcile both tasks? This really is a problem without a solution that is simple.Before diving, it is only ad… Read More

Last weekend at the shore was fatal for your digital camera? I'm sorry, but these are risks that have to be taken into consideration when utilizing non-water immune apparatus in areas such as seaside resorts. If you want advice from a friend, buy an underwater camera to use in these conditions. I guarantee you that you won't regret.In terms of the … Read More